Uri and Osnat Yaalon are wood artists with over 25 years of experience. They live in a small village called Neve Ilan in central Israel. Their home, which is their workshop and living space, overlooks the landscape of vineyards and the tree-covered Jerusalem Mountains. Nature and wood have always been the source of their inspiration.

Osnat paints, sculpts and carves wood. She paints in oil and acrylic, and sculpts from the stems of trees found in nature. The carved frames of the wooden pictures evoke memories of places, stories, and meaningful moments.

Uri enjoys reviving wood and giving it the possibility of new meaning through wood turning. Local and imported wood is rejuvenated during this process of recreation.


Our work investigates the relationship between mathematics, geometry, and art, while applying different methods to achieve a unique end result. The materials we work with are exotic woods with different shades and textures, allowing us to create a sense of wealth and warmth in the wood itself.

The buyer can create new and unexpected forms with an endless amount of possibilities for new arrangement.

The final product is one complete piece composed of different strata from one precision to a tenth of a millimeter at the core of the work, and endless artistic freedom in the framework. Each work combines wood carving and turning technology.


First degree in commercial and industrial photography – Israel
Master’s degree in photography and advertising in video – London
Studied with wood turning master Eli Avisera – Israel  
Attended numerous Woodturning seminars in France and England
Studied with wood turning master Eddy Parkiet – Spain


Art study in school of art
Art instructor’s course at the Israel Museum
History of art at the Israel Museum
First Degree in education -Jerusalem
Studied carving with Master Eli Avisera – Israel 
Studied with wood turning master Eddy Parkiet – Spain